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Elastic Drive Belt

Elastic Drive Belt

Elastic drive belt is used in roller conveyor industrial, It's characters are high speed, quiet, eco-friendly and so on. Widely used in express delivery, medicine, e-commerce and other conveyor delivery systems. Roller conveyor belt is a new transmission mode of conveyor equipment. It mainly replace O belt, synchronous belt, friction belt, chain etc. It can make up O belt is small, synchronous belt price is expensive, poor transmission efficiency of friction belt, Chain noise and other problems.



● High transmission efficiency: transmission efficiency up to 98%

● Large load range: 1~400KG

● No maintenance, no lubrication, no secondary tensioning

● Slight vibration, chemical stability, steady working.

● Rubber material and elastic cord make the operation smoother


Power Range

Up to 5kw

RPM Range


Speed Range


Min.Pulley Diameter




Installation Tension

35 to 50 N/rib/s

Temperature Range

-30°C to 80°C (-22°F to 176°F)

Production Description

● It's made of high elasticity polyamide resin core wire.

● Curve application: Use of 2-rib or 3-rib belts

● Synthetic material with high coefficient of friction

● Belt type: PJ


Line transfers, sorters, very light load conveyors, special layouts, etc


Q 1.Does it make noise?

Thanks to the elastic properties of its side guides, it prevents the belt jumping and reduces irritating noise by absorbing shocks, vibrations and flapping. The grooves in the Pioneer elastic PJ belt make the transmission very silent, whatever speed the conveyor is operating at.

Q 2.How do you control the quality?

We have professional QC person stay on the production lines do to the inspection.All products must have been inspected before delivery.we do inline inspection and final inspection.

1. All raw material checked once it arrive our factory.

2. All pieces and logo and all details checked during production.

3. All packing details checked during production.

4. All production quality and packing checked on final inspection after finished

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