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Go Kart Drive Belt 30 Series

Go Kart Drive Belt 30 Series

Go-Kart belt use high strength heat-sensitive tension cord and aramid cord, which ensures that the belt can carry out high-power transmission even under the circumstance of high impact force, high temperature and other bad variable speed transmission.



● High quality rubber material with polyester cord

● More flexible and oil resistance, leading to longer service life.

● Easy to install, professional installation is recommended.


The go-kart drive belt used on most Manco, American Sportworks and Ken-bar karts with 5hp-7hp engines, also used on the Comet TAV2 bolt on torque-a-verter kit.

Production Details



1. We highly recommend that when replacing a drive belt that you clean the driver unit, or engine clutch, for proper operation.

2. Should your machine's center distance fall between the center distance (C.D.) settings listed here, select from the two belts the one with the larger outside circumference (O.C.) for best wear and to avoid machine "creep" during idling.

3. Go-kart belts come in different types, symmetric and asymmetric. This refers to the cross section design of the torque converter belt. Symmetric go-kart belts have a top angle of 15 degree on both sides. An asymmetric belt has an 18 degree angle on one side and a 2.5 degree angle on the other. The belt type depends on your torque converter model and design. For further reference, see the illustration below.


◆ 20 Series: Symmetric

◆ 30 Series: Asymmetric

◆ 40 & 44 Series: Symmetric

◆ 500 Series: Symmetric

◆ TC88 Series: Symmetric

◆ CAT99 Series: Asymmetric


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