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Will The Scooter Belt Break When Driving For A Long Distance?

Jun 21, 2021

Because the scooter adopts the form of stepless automatic transmission, the transmission system needs to transmit power through the drive belt.During the transmission of this force, there will be some uncertainty.For example, the belt slips or breaks, during long distance running of the scooter, the belt may break, but the probability of this kind of failure is not very high. It is mainly directly related to the performance of the belt itself.

The main reasons for the broken belt of the scooter are as follows:

1. Belt Aging.The belt will appear aging and cracking due to the increase in service life,and eventually break, so its necessary to check the v belt regularly.

2. Belt Slipping.The belt will be stretched due to excessive force during use. In this state, the transmission system will slip due to the loose belt. Over time, the temperature of the belt will be too high, and its flexibility will become poor, so there will be a phenomenon of fracture.

3. Poor Quality.If some poor quality speed belts are selected during the replacement process, it will be easy to breakage during riding.

The above three points are the main reasons for the breakage of scooter drive belt. Therefore, if we use high-quality parts and check the it regularly,the motorcycles are not prone to belt breakage even if they run long distances.