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Engine Fan Belt

Engine Fan Belt

The fan belt is often referred to as the drive belt, is an essential engine component in most vehicles. As the professional fan belt suppliers, PIONEER company has rich design and development experience, always focuses on quality and provide high cost performance belts.



● Highly flexible, low noise and smooth running

● Anti-static oil and heat resistant

● High horsepower and Abrasion resistant

● EPDM as main rubber material, Aramid fiber as reinforcement material, quality reach to 150,000KM.




Thickness (mm)

Rib Pitch (mm)


Manufacturing Range

Min. (mm)

Max. (mm)







*For details belt specifications, please consult the sales representative.

Production Details

1. Reinforced CR and EPDM material to ensure better wear resistance and high temperature resistance

2. HMLS polyester/aramid core reduces the elongation of the belt when running at high speed and high power.

3. Aramid fiber reduce noise


Common faults and cause analysis of multi-ribbed belts

Abnormal wear

① Belt pulleys are not coplanar:Adjust the inclination of the belt pulley to ensure the alignment of the pulley

② The pulley is rusty or has foreign objects stuck in:Clean the surface of the pulley and install a protective cover for the pulley

③ The installation tension is too low: appropriately increase the installation tension;

④ The belt body is stuck with water or oil: remove the oil and wipe the water dry.

Cracked belt bottom rubber

① The gear train is not working properly: Overhaul the engine fan belt pulley, and check whether the pulley is off axis or stuck.

② The belt has been exposed to oil, water, high temperature, low temperature, ozone and other environments for a long time: Regular maintenance of the belt to clean up oil stains, water stains, etc.

Belt failure forms and reasons are caused by many factors. In addition to the above reasons, users also need to consider other factors, such as mileage, working conditions, overall performance of the transmission system, etc. Generally speaking, correct installation and maintenance are essential for the normal operation of the belt is essential.

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