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Cogged Belts

  • Cogged Banded V Belt

    Cogged Banded V Belt

    Pioneer's full range of high performance V-Belts covers most passenger cars, light trucks, buses and heavy-duty truck applications.The Cogged banded v belts are made of high modulus, thermally...

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  • Toothed V Belt

    Toothed V Belt

    The automotive toothed v belt is a belt driven by the crankshaft, and its main purpose is to drive the engine fan and water pump.Toothed V belt is subjected to friction by two inclined surfaces.

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  • Automotive V Belts

    Automotive V Belts

    Automotive v belt which also called cogged v belt, it allows the v belt to bend and flex more easily, dissipating heat and running cooler than no toothed belt, and guarantees large cost advantages...

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  • Cogged V Belt

    Cogged V Belt

    According to different transmission power and operation requirements, the company developed three kinds of patent for raw-edged V belts, which are irregular tooth cogged V-belt, double side tooth...

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  • Banded V-Belt

    Banded V-Belt

    Pioneer Banded V Belt has compact transmission system parts of single V Belt, suitable for long wheelbase、large power and strong vibration work environment (Such as air compressor, air condition...

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  • Banded Belts

    Banded Belts

    Pioneer Banded belt is composed of several single cog V belts, permanently bonded together to act as a single unit evenly distributing load and wear.

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  • Cog Belt Drive

    Cog Belt Drive

    WEIBO brand cogged v belt series products include: raw edge type industrial variable speed belt (CVT), classical cogged V belt, automobile V belt, motorcycle drive belt, agricultural V belt, and...

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