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The motor drive belt is one of the most important transmission components of the treadmill.These belts are designed for high speed or high ratio applications that conventional v-belt cannot handle. We’ve been providing treadmill motor belt to the fitness equipment for more than 15 years,and we know very well what kind of belt is best for your equipment.


The treadmill relies on the motor to drive the front roller to rotate, and then the front roller drives the running belt to run. The belt between the motor and the front roller and the rear roller is the running belt. When running, the running belt is clamped between the feet and the running board, and the friction is relatively high. If you want the treadmill to run smoothly, the motor drive belt needs the same adhesion to drive the front rollers, and the front rollers also need the same adhesion can drive the running belt. If a treadmill falls into disrepair for a long time and is not properly maintained, both belts will wear out and cause a decrease in adhesion, and slipping will occur at this time.


  • Reduced vibrations,less elongation and an excellent behaviour under heavy load conditions.

  • Extremely flexible, capable to work on small pulley diameters and serpentine drives.

  • Strong tensile cords carry high horsepower loads without stretching.

  • Flexible, oil and heat resistant backing extend belt life.

  • Temperature range: -35°C to +120°C



Treadmill, Exercise Bikes.

3.What should we do if the treadmill drive belt slips?

The motor drive belt is one of the most important transmission components of the treadmill. If the treadmill is used frequently or the user's weight is heavier, the motor drive belt will accelerate wear and cause the treadmill to slip.What should we do if the treadmill drive belt slips?

1. Adjust the motor drive belt. After opening the treadmill cabin cover, you can see the fixing bolts on the motor shell. This bolt is mainly used to pull and fix the motor. After the bolts are tightened, the motor will be pulled forward, and the position of the pulley will move forward accordingly. Naturally, it will be tightened, and the slippage will be improved.

2. Add washers to the motor fixing bolts. The adjustment range of the motor fixing bolts is relatively limited. For treadmills that are used frequently and the user is heavier, the wear of the belt will be more serious. After many adjustments, the adjustment limit will eventually be reached, and the bolts cannot be adjusted.At this point, you can try to add a few washers before the fixing bolts (you need to unscrew the whole motor fixing bolts,add a few more at a time), and you can still continue to tighten the belt (Each washers added is equivalent to pulling the motor forward by a distance of the thickness of the washers.)

3. Replace the motor belt. If the belt is severely worn, it will have to be replaced.

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