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Open Ended Timing Belt

Open Ended Timing Belt

Rubber open ended timing belt made of high quality synthetic neoprene material which imported from Japan, and mixed with a variety of rubber accessories for different purposes. The skeleton material is high quality Japan fiberglass cord. The toothed surface is protected by nylon 66 high stretch cloth.
PU open ended timing belt is made of thermoplastic polyurethane material with high wear resistance.Various types of steel wire core ensure that it still maintains good operation ability in high load transmission.
The open ended timing belt has similar transmission performance with the general synchronous belt, and can be widely used in textile, light industry, chemical industry, machine tools and other general machinery for power transmission, suitable for multi-axis transmission. Customers can flexibly cut according to the actual need length.



Rubber Open Ended Timing Belt

● Accurate transmission, no slip, with a constant transmission ratio.

● The structure of the belt body is compact, reducing stress and deformation, and softer than the PU open belt.

PU Open Ended Timing Belt

● Small production tolerances.

● The transmission is reliable and has dimensional stability.

● In the production process, a layer of nylon cloth is added to the tooth surface or the back of the tooth to ensure that the operation characteristics in special applications remain unchanged.

● A thick layer of polyurethane can also be added to the back of the belt to prevent corrosion or high load.



Paper and textile machinery, CNC machines, printers, scanners, office machines, Robotic machines, electric hand tools, currency counting machines, food processing machines, Machine tools, computer, printers, sewing machines, oil pumps, etc.


● When purchasing, pay attention to the clean and tidy surface of the timing belt, the belt should not be twisted, and the belt teeth must be full.

● During the transportation and installation of the timing belt, it is strictly forbidden to bend, otherwise it will damage the frame material (glass fiber) and affect the strength of the belt.

● In the process of installation and use, the belt shall not be scratched artificially, and chemicals (especially strong oxidizing acid) shall not be allowed, and long-term contact with oil and water shall be avoided as far as possible, so as not to affect the service life of the drive belt.

● When replacing the synchronous belt, the tension of the belt must be reduced to a minimum before it can be taken out. In the case of high tension, it is strictly prohibited to use non-professional tools to pry it down.

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