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  • Treadmill Motor Belt

    Treadmill Motor Belt

    The most commonly used treadmill motor belt in fitness equipment is the PJ profile poly v belt, there are general belt and elastic drive belt (Flexonic belt). These belts are designed for high...

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  • 3PK 4PK BELT

    3PK 4PK BELT

    As the professional fan belt suppliers,PIONEER company has rich design and development experience,always focuses on quality and provide high cost performance belts.

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  • Automotive V Belts

    Automotive V Belts

    Automotive v belt which also called cogged v belt, it allows the v belt to bend and flex more easily, dissipating heat and running cooler than no toothed belt, and guarantees large cost advantages...

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  • Cogged V Belt

    Cogged V Belt

    According to different transmission power and operation requirements, the company developed three kinds of patent for raw-edged V belts, which are irregular tooth cogged V-belt, double side tooth...

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  • Banded V-Belt

    Banded V-Belt

    Pioneer Banded V Belt has compact transmission system parts of single V Belt, suitable for long wheelbase、large power and strong vibration work environment (Such as air compressor, air condition...

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  • Banded Belts

    Banded Belts

    Pioneer Banded belt is composed of several single cog V belts, permanently bonded together to act as a single unit evenly distributing load and wear.

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  • Rubber V Belt

    Rubber V Belt

    Serpentine rubber drive belt also called ribbed belt or poly v belt, it is made up of several tiny v belts, it's wide and thin. It has high transmission power and flexibility.

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  • Variable Speed V Belts

    Variable Speed V Belts

    PIONEER Variable speed belt constructed with high-modulus and fiber-loaded stock, it has higher load carrying capacity and prolonged belt life.

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  • Go Kart Drive Belt 30 Series

    Go Kart Drive Belt 30 Series

    Go-Kart belt use high strength heat-sensitive tension cord and aramid cord, which ensures that the belt can carry out high-power transmission even under the circumstance of high impact force, high...

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  • Automotive Timing Belts

    Automotive Timing Belts

    Automotive timing belt also called engine timing belt, it's mainly used for OHC drive, applying to the condition of various speed range and high temperature transmission conditions.

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